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Friday, January 01, 2010

Cheap R/C Touring Car Racing - Tamiya 414

I am very cheap when it comes to racing, using mostly second hand equipment. Currently I still manage to make A-main in Mod and 13.5T r/c electric touring car in club races. My used equipment is a Tamiya 414 (bought in 2002), second hand Platinum 30c battery, second hand Nosram Stock spec ESC, and a Team Powers 13.5T brushless motor. I also use a cheap Futaba AM radio controller and second hand Futaba 9551 servo. Yes, transponder is also bought used.

Here is a pic of my 414, still ticking and able to outrun some of the newer 416, XRAYs, etc...

I have just fabricated a spool for the 414 and hopefully this will help improve my laptimes and become even faster.

Have fun.


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