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Thursday, November 26, 2009

New On Road R/C Racing Cars

The 2010 on-road electric touring r/c car season will be exciting given the three new cars from the best companies. The Tamiya 416x, the XRAY T3 and the Schumacher Mi4LP. All beautifully designed for racing. Which one to buy? So hard to pick, all are winners by looking at them.

What do you prefer? Leave a comment about your favorite!


  • Its a close call, I cant decide from the 3, will have to wait n see which is the clear winner in 2010

    By Anonymous RC Cars, at 11:40 AM  

  • Some people think that Tamiya r/c cars win because they have good TRF drivers.

    That is true. And maybe to consider that good drivers will seek out and drive only the cars that will help them win :)

    Racing is driver + car. And in touring cars, it seems Tamiya Racing Factory is currently the best.

    By Blogger RC Car Tips, at 2:28 AM  

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