RC Car Tips

Friday, January 29, 2010

Ferrari 312T3 Formula 1 R/C Car

Here is my simple paintjob of the Ferrari 312T3.

Yes, full bodied driver figure made from paper mache. Also fabricated the steering wheel and cockpit items.

Rear exhausts and driveshafts.

Hope you like. More photos at Ferrari 312T3 RC Car

Friday, January 01, 2010

Cheap R/C Touring Car Racing - Tamiya 414

I am very cheap when it comes to racing, using mostly second hand equipment. Currently I still manage to make A-main in Mod and 13.5T r/c electric touring car in club races. My used equipment is a Tamiya 414 (bought in 2002), second hand Platinum 30c battery, second hand Nosram Stock spec ESC, and a Team Powers 13.5T brushless motor. I also use a cheap Futaba AM radio controller and second hand Futaba 9551 servo. Yes, transponder is also bought used.

Here is a pic of my 414, still ticking and able to outrun some of the newer 416, XRAYs, etc...

I have just fabricated a spool for the 414 and hopefully this will help improve my laptimes and become even faster.

Have fun.