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Monday, September 28, 2009

RCCartips #68 - Online Store, Tips, Videos

Hi Guys,

I've finally put up an online store via Amazon.com. Great thing is that price seems to be cheaper than most online hobby shops I've compared with. Please visit and let me know your feedback (email me at rccartips@hotmail.com).


Tips of the Week

I just came back from racing in Thailand in the Tamiya Asia Cup 2009. One of the tip I learned was to put Tamiya Anti Wear grease on threaded shocks. This will prevent loose shock screw collars from moving around.

Here is a link to photos and videos of the event. Just sharing. Hope you also experience overseas racing with racers from other countries.


Here is a series of videos from Atsushi Hara, multiple time world champion, on tuning your 1/8 off road buggy.


And here is a video on how scale model kits are made. Very informative.


Until next week. Have fun!


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