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Friday, August 05, 2005

RCCarAction Reader's Choice, RC Community, New Cars and Trucks

Vol 1, Issue 61 Subscribers: 3,617+ July 31, 2005


* RCCarAction Reader's Choice 2005
* CEN Genesis and HPI Savage - RC Community
* New RC Cars and Trucks

RCCarTips newsletter 61 is about what reader's like (Car of the Year 2005, Electric Rc Buggy, electric truck, touring cars, nitro buggy, nitro trucks, transmitter, fuel, engine, and more).

RCCarTips.com is also an r/c community, where subscriber reviews, articles and r/c photos are submitted and posted on the site. Feel free to join the community of rc enthusiasts.

And as always, links to recommended online hobby shops and more resources.


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